What is SkyRunning?


Hundreds or even thousands of years ago, mountains had a leading role in the lives of people in emergencies: wars, religious persecution, hunting, smuggling or, simply, the need of discovering. The concept of running through the mountains just for pleasure is much more recent: for instance, the Ben Nevis Race, dating 1903, or the Pikes Peak marathon that was created as a bet in 1954 between smokers and non-smokers.

The idea of creating skyrunning as a sporting discipline was conceived by the Italian mountaineer Marino Giacometti who -along with a group of climbing companions- was pioneer in the registers and races in the Italian Alps at the beginning of the 90s. In 1993, with the support of the multinational Fila as the main sponsor, skyrunning took off as a sport throughout the mountain ranges of the world, with astonishing and inspiring circuit races that extended from the Himalaya to the Rocky Mountains, from the Mount Kenia to the Mexican volcanoes. After all, the name of skyrunning defines perfectly the philosophy and the purpose of this sport: the place where earth and sky meet each other.

Giacometti’s vision did not stop and in 1995 he founded the Federation for Sport at Altitude to address the need to set regulations of a budding sport with a fast growth and, as of today, it has more than 200 races around the world and congregates 30,000 participants of 54 countries.

Nowadays, skyrunning is coordinated by the International Skyrunning Federation, which assumed the FSA in 2008. The principal purposes of the ISF are the direction, regulation, promotion, development and promotion of the skyrunning and similar multisport activities on a world-wide basis.


Following the wide circulation of skyrunning around the world, some territories created their own circuits under the shelter of the ISF with the purpose of making this sport known to more runners. In this context was formed the Skyrunner National Series Spain & Andorra in 2014, thus creating the best race mountain circuit in the South of Europe. A year later, in 2015, the SNS included Portugal to create the Skyrunner National Series Spain, Andorra & Portugal, becoming one of the most powerful competitions of the world, thanks to the quality of the races that shape it, as well as the high level of athletes that participate in them.


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