What is Gorbeia Suzien?


Gorbeia Suzien is a symbiosis that combines the two main passions of a group of friends, sport and the mountains. Without forgetting that this race aims to publicize the treasures of our region with humility and respect for the environment. Gorbeia Suzien is more than a race.

Gorbeia Suzien is the result of a dream pursued by a group of people who love the symbiosis that occurs between nature and mountain races. To create this sports project, we created Suzien Mendi Kluba.

We chose Gorbeia because we live in it. We are lucky to be part of this wonderful natural gated community and we wanted to offer the possibility of being able to know it to the rest of the world. The Gorbea Natural Park is located in the southeastern part of Bizkaia. Its roof is marked by “Gorbeiako Gurutzea”. With its 1481 meters it is the highest point of this sinuous orography, which in turn marks the dividing line between Bizkaia and Araba.

Our race starts from Zeanuri and after going through several peaks, it returns again to its starting point. Zeanuri is a rural town of 1200 inhabitants with a geographical area of 67 km2, making it the third largest municipality in Bizkaia. On the day of the race, all the inhabitants of Zeanuri turn to this event and thanks to all of them, we managed to carry out that dream that we had been pursuing for some time.



Our idea is to offer a full-weekend experience to all the visitors and participants that decide to come to our area.

We are preparing an area for caravanning for those who are travelling with a caravan or a motor home. Besides that, here you can find some information about the hotels and farmhouses around Zeanuri.

Agroturismo Amalau
Contact Person: Gabriel Vázquez – Puri Adrián.
o    adress: Ipiñaburu 48. 48144 – Zeanuri
o    Telf:  (+34) 946 317 179 /  605 771 933
o    Fax: (+34) 946 317 179
o    Web: www.amalau.es
o    Email: artasolo@hotmail.com / reservas@amalau.es

Casa Rural Altzuste
Contact Person: Garbiñe Mayor Sanz / Juanan Jiménez
o    adress: Altzuste 63. 48144 – Zeanuri (Bizkaia)
o    Telf:  (+34) 946 739 170 /  655 735 476
o    Web: www.altzuste.com
o    Email: altzuste@euskalnet.net

Casa Rural Ellauri baserria
Contact Person: Kepa Atutxa
o    Adress: Altzusta, 42 48144 – Zeanuri (Bizkaia)
o    Telf:  (+34) 946 317 888 /  686 077 796
o    Email: info@ellauri.com

Casa Rural Goikoetxe
Contact Person: Mª Dolores Iturri Arrien – Begoña Zuluaga Iturri
o    Adress: Bº Uribe Zelai, 36. 48144 – Zeanuri (Bizkaia)
o    Telf:  (+34)946 739 480 /  620 143 327
o    Email: goikoetxe2@euskalnet.net

Casa Rural Angoitia
Contact Person: Luis Angoitia Sainz-Maza
o    Adress: Bº Asterria, 80 -Uribitarte- 48144 Zeanuri (Bizkaia)
o    Telf:  (+34) 665 709 099
o    Fax: (+34) 944 394 230
o    Email: langoitia@euskalnet.net

Hotel Rural Etxegana
o    Adress: Ipiñaburu, 38 48144 – Zeanuri (Bizkaia)
o    Telf:  (+34) 946 338 448 /  609 902 048
o    Fax: (+34) 946 338 449
o    Emal: reservas@etxegana.com

Hotel Ellauri
o    Adress: Altzusta, 38 48144 – Zeanuri (Bizkaia)
o    Teléfono:  (+34) 946 317 888 /  686 077 796
o    Email: info@ellaurihotela.com

Zuhaitz Etxeak
o    Adress: Ctra. N-240, Km 41, Desvío Otxandio Ctra. BI-3542,  48144 Zeanuri (Bizkaia)
o    Telf:  675 970 072
o    Fax:
o    Email: info@cabanasenlosarboles.com

Hostal Barazar
o    Helbidea: Bilbao-Gasteiz errepidea, 39. KM-a. 48144 – Zeanuri (Bizkaia)
o    Tfnoa:  (+34) 946 739 564
o    E-posta: info@barrestaurantebarbarazar.com

Hotel Balneario Areatza *** 
•    Adress: Askatasuna, 50 bis. 48143 Areatza (Bizkaia)
•    Telf:  (+34) 94 657 27 05
•    Web: www.hotelbalnearioaareatza.com
•    Email: info@hotelbalnearioareatza.com