Gorbeia Suzien Ternua | Track


Trail Race

Date: September 29, 2019

Distance: 31 km.

Positive gain: 2,400 m. D +

Description: Tour that departs from the town of Zeanuri (Bizkaia), introducing us to the Natural Park of Gorbeia by the hermitage of San Justo, where some hard slopes begin. After overcoming the first slopes and overcoming Zanburu, we headed straight for the summit of Lekanda. Shortly before reaching this steep rocky peak we turn towards the green meadows of the Arraba fields. We will go above the summit a little to go down to the area of Zastegi where we climb to the top of the Gorbeia, then go back down to the vicinity of Azero. At this point we attacked the third great ascent of the route, the summit of Aldamin. And from there we start the descent again to the starting point.

Controls of passing: 8.
Provisioning points: 10.
Maximum altitude: Gorbea 1,484 m.
Minimum altitude: Zeanuri 243 m.
Time limit: 6 hours and 30 minutes.
Maximum passing times: Gorbeia (3 h) and Aldamin (4h 30 ‘).
Number of participants: 600.


Vertical Kilometer | Track


Vertical Kilometer

Date: September 27, 2019

Distance: 4,2 km.

Positive gain: 1,000 m.

Description: The tour departs from the town of Zeanuri (Bizkaia) in a neutralized way until the entrance to the Gorbeia Natural Park, in the hermitage of San Justo. At this point the vertical kilometer exit will be given, with a very hard first ramp until reaching Zanburu. A terrain with very steep slopes, with a terrain typical of the area with mud. Once the part of Zanburu is over, we go as straight as possible to the summit of Lekanda where the goal of the test will be located. To access it we will have to overcome a channel with a small climb that will direct us to the last and hardest slope to the finish line. A last 200 m with a climb with loose stone and something exposed to the top of Lekanda.

Passing controls: 3.
Provisioning points: 4.
Maximum altitude: Lekanda 1.309 m.
Minimun elevation: Zeanuri 243 m.
Departure altitude: San Justo 380 m.
Minimum altitude: Zeanuri 243 m.
Time limit: 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Maximum times of passage: Karkabitxueta (1h.) And Lekanda (2h 30 ‘).
Number of participants: 150.