26 september

31KM 2.400m D+

26/09/2021 9:00


31,2 KM

2.400 D+

7.200 €


DATA: 26 september 2021

Hour: 9:00

Distance: 31 km.

Elevation gain: 2.400 m D+

Description: This route begins in the town of Zeanuri (Biscay), and takes us to the Natural Park of Gorbeia through the Chapel of San Justo, where the steep slopes begin. Once the first slopes are passed and once Zanburu is over, we go straight to the summit of Lekanda, and just before reaching this steep peak we make a turn towards the green fields of Arraba. We crest a bit to descend to the area of Zastegi, from where we go upwards to the summit of Gorbeia, and then descending again to the surroundings of Murua, to set towards the big third ascent of the route to the summit of the Aldamin. From there we descend again to the starting point.

Checkpoints: 8.

Aid stations: 10.

Maximum altitude: Gorbea 1.481 m.

Time limit:  6 hours and 30 minutes.

Cut-off times in checkpoints: In the regulation.

Limit number of participants: 600.


*We recommend starting from the hermitage of SanJusto since the first part of the route passes through private land-

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